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Welcome to Canadian Benefit Union

The Canadian Benefit Union is Canada’s primary contact for Canadians with disabilities in receiving Disability Financial Benefits. All of our services result in a financial income return to our clients. Each of our services offered is implemented on a federal level, which means regardless of our client’s provincial location, all disability tax credit can be realized and received.

We are a Canadian based business focused on educating and helping Canadians with disabilities to receive their maximum government benefits. We believe that every individual has great potential and having a disability is no exception. Canadian Benefit Union’s core value is to provide opportunity for individuals to realize their potential.

We help Canadians receive their disability insurance by employing a strong comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the disability programs, which provide efficiency and fluidity throughout the whole process. As a result, we prevent any additional hardship and stress that one with a disability has to further endure.

Here at Canadian Benefit Union, our mission is simple and that is to help Canadians with disabilities receive their disability tax credit!

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